Web Notes

Web notes are a type of United States currency named after the "web printing production" method of printing on continuous rolls of paper. There are several types of web printing production methods, including offsetgravure (intaglio)flexography, etc. However high-pressure web intaglio printing, front and back of the intaglio process, was a totally new idea.

Web note
(United States)
Value1 $
Years of printing1988,1993,1995
Nature of rarityExperimental press run
Estimated valueUS$2 – $1,300

Between 1992 and 1996, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing experimented to see if a web press that used continuous rolls of paper was quicker and cheaper than intaglio printing, which uses flat sheets. The notes produced were dollar bills from Series 1988ASeries 1993 and Series 1995. As the press was in the Washington facility, no web notes were printed at the Fort Worth plant. They are legal tender and are not considered error notes, although they are somewhat scarce and more valuable than bills produced by the sheet fed method.